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A place where the soothing sounds of lapping waters harmonise with the aromas of fine therapy oils to deliver an exotic experience with 5-star luxury. Your physical and spiritual health means everything to us, so your whole experience here at Dalouk Spa is born out of our philosophy of ?Total Wellbeing?, a blend of modern comfort and traditional warm Arabic hospitality. Only by taking care of the complete you, can we help you to remember the things that truly matter to you inside, and prepare you once again for the ever-demanding world outside. Facial Treatments Hands ?on Facials Organic Deep Cleansing Berry Facial 85 mins 500 Dhs. Using an array of herbs and fruit to deep cleanse and balance even the most congested skin. Packed with the goodness of berries to keep the skin hydrated and bright.Rosehip rich in vitamin C, Cherries which help to refine large pores and Plums rich in antioxidants to repair the skin. All skin types including sensitive will reap the benefits of this fruity experience. Organic Sweet Cheeks, Lip & Eye Treatment 55 mins 500 Dhs Hydrating hyaluronic for skin quenching and replenishing skin care! This juicy collection will re-awaken dry, thirsty skin with the help of fresh strawberries and rhubarb while marshmallow plant derived hyaluronic acid to deliver a refreshing boost of hydration.Oxygenating cucumber and parsley lightens, brightens and revitalizes for those perfect sweet cheeks! As extra bonus you will receive Bright Eyes & Lip Treatment to complete this delifghuf treatment suitable for all skin types. Organic Bright Eyes & Lips Treatment 30 mins 250 Dhs. An intense treatment for the eye & lip areas. A cocktail of naseberries, raspberries, cucumber and plums will leave your eyes smooth and refreshed. Includes gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask and de-stressing eye, scalp and arm massage. And this is not all!We will also perk up your smoothie lips with just 3 steps: exfoliate, plump and protect! All wrapped up with the earthy goodness of fresh citrus and nourishing Shea butter. Whitening Facial 75 mins 500 Dhs Perfect for every special occasion. A 75 minute facial treatment that works not only to brighten the overall complexion, but also lightens age spots, freckles, sun damage, acne marks, old scars and skin discoloration thus improving the skin?s clarity. Smoothes out and refines skin texture for a flawlessly effective radiance - as if your skin has come alive. Acne Treatment 55 mins 400 Dhs. It utilizes alpha-hydroxyl acids & salicylic acid to effective cleanses blemished skin. An over abundance of male hormones can produce an excess of sebum which can clog pores causing acne and pimples. It inhibits excessive skin hormones with the special combination of organic acids, zinc and vitamins. This anti-androgen approach is Rejuvi unique feature. This multiple action approach makes acne treatment far superior to other available acne treatments. New! Rejuvi Steam Facial for Congested Skin 60 mins 400 Dhs Depending on your skin condition Dalouk aesthetician will tailor made treatment for your skin type. Skin will be deeply cleansed from all impurities & blackheads leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and immediately brighter.Facials will also help to diminish blemishes and prevent any future breakouts. Advance Resurfacing Treatments (with promotional home care healing kit) 50 min AED 650 Image Skin Care & facials work at the cellular level to diminish fine lines, fade sun damage, increase hydration and to stimulate cellular turnover for more youthful looking skin. A simple, customized treatment for your specific skincare goals will be prescribed with a three-phase process for rejuvenated, healthy skin: Phase 1-Daily use of IMAGE cosmeceutical skincare productsPhase 2-Series of clinical resurfacing treatmentsPhase 3-Monthly maintenance program New! 4-Layer Facelift This revolutionary treatment will change image of your skin in just one application.Vitamin C, glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover and brighten, tighten and lighten your skin. New!Anti-ageing & Lifting Treatment This ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliated dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier.Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. New!Lightening Lift Treatment This mega-lightening treatment gently blends lactic acids and cocktail of lightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots and redness caused by rosacea. Signature State of the Art Facials The Ultimate You Microdermabrasion Facial 75 mins 695 DhsExcellent facial for improving skin tissue and fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and reducing open pores.This deep exfoliating facial involves progressive and controlled exfoliation of the skin using micro-crystals through a controlled graduated vacuum unit. An effective Hyaluronic serum is applied to the skin followed by a unique nourishing mask. This treatment can be part of a 4 week package to promote skin whitening and anti-ageing for maximum results! Light Rejuvenation Facial 75 mins 695 DhsHighly effective anti-ageing facial uses the yellow light from the Ultra VPL to stimulate cells in the skin called fibroblast to produce more collagen. The new collagen produced starts moving upward resulting in a smoother skin texture, smaller pore size and reduced lines & wrinkles. It also has a disabling effect on the melanin production of cells that have been exposed to sunlight.*Single application reveals a new you. For optimum results course of 6 treatments is recommended New! Dalouk Mesotherapy 75 mins 695 Dhs.This Signature Mesotherapy is much more than a needle free way of delivering a cocktail of vitamins into the skin to stimulate cell renewal and repair. For more intensive & complete treatment we will use Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Mask to prepare skin for maximum penetration of active ingredients. Skin will be afterwards gently massaged and finish off with unique Collagen or Whitening Mask living the skin visibly tone, hydrated and glowing?all of this without surgical knife! Celebrity Skin 3 Steps Rejuvenation 105 mins 1350 DHSIt?s an 1hour and 45 min facial treatment uses the state of the art equipment to promote healthy, glowing, younger looking skin.Its an intense skin regeneration therapy using crystal peeling as an exfoliator, VPL light application which stimulates collagen & elastin fibres creating a firming effect on the skin and finally Mesotherapy to deeply deliver cocktail of vitamins & hydrating agents.This ?Red Carpet? facial uses whitening and anti-ageing range of products to make it ideal for brides, special occasions and for those who want to have an intensive facial maintenance with choice of all three Dalouk Advance Facials but with the price of only two! Sunfix Tanning 250 Dhs 100% natural solutions using natural ingredients, a unique combination of mineral bronzers to produce a remarkable instant tanning result, long lasting that give an amazingly natural looking tan. This has gorgeous natural color, no streaking, completely odorless & easily dry within 5 minutes and contains no alcohol, perfumes or artificial preservatives.Candela GentleMax Permanent Hair Reduction The Candela, the well-known laser manufacturer, takes hair removal technology to the next level, by combining the capabilities of two of Candela?s top laser systems, the long pulse GentleYAG laser, and the GentleLASE alexandrite laser system. With the combined power of these two laser systems, the Candela Gentlemax effectively removes facial and body hair for all skin types and most hair types. Please consult your Laser Technician for your type of laser treatment and prices. for more information, please click here. Body Scrubs and Wraps Algologie Wrap Therapy Algologie Body Wrap Therapy has been designed to focus on the particular weakness or source of imbalance in the body to stimulate the general metabolism, providing it with the necessary nutrients to encourage the body to perform its proper functions and recover the feeling of wellness. New! Herbal Wrap: Draining ? Water Retention 75 mins 500 Dhs This ready-to-use Algologie wrap combines the soothing, calming and draining elements from the terrestrial world to provide relief for those suffering persistent water retention and oedema. It is the perfect wrap for pregnant or post-partum women. New! Fucus Wrap: Cellulite-Slimming 75 mins 500 Dhs This Algologie wrap has been formulated to reduce the signs of cellulite, procure slimming and improve the general texture of the skin. It contains extremely high levels of Iodine responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the general stimulation of the metabolism. This wrap also contains very high concentrations of Calcium and Iron. These are essential minerals for the body and are known to be the two major deficiencies in adult females, especially during the period of dieting, pregnancy and menopause. Fucus has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C. This vitamin is particularly favourable from Seaweed as the body is able to easily assimilate it from this natural source. New! Clay Body Mud: Circulation & Revitalising 75 mins 500 Dhs This cleansing and strengthening wrap is a special combination of active elements that stimulate the blood and lymph circulation to decongest and nourish the skin and body. Its rich concentration of minerals and alkaline nature work to dissolve excess acid in the organism, flush persistent toxins and strengthen the vascular walls. New! Hydrazone Body Wrap: Firming & Hydrating 75 mins 500 Dhs This micronized blend of Seaweed it is very hydrating, infusing the skin with moisture and essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Upon application, this wrap takes the imprint shape of the body and works to hydrate firm and restructure the loose and weakened tissues during its activation period. It is excellent to smooth fine lines and deep wrinkles between the breasts and decolté as well as firm and improve the appearance of the skin after a weight loss program or hormone change. New! Stimulating Wrap: Recuperation & De-stress 75 mins 500 DhsThis re-balancing wrap is used in the Algologie Recuperation Treatment to mineralise, hydrate and nourish the body. It is the perfect wrap to prepare the body for the change of season or revive it after a period of intense stress, illness or fatigue. This wrap is also beneficial for those with high level or cholesterol, low levels of energy and high level of stress. Organic Color Body Scrub & Wrap 55 mins 350 Dhs. A deep pore scrub and moisturizing skin care product to remove dead cells activate the microcirculation and help the body to renew its skin cells and assimilate essential oils. Experience the pleasure of a rejuvenated satin-smooth skin and a wonderful moment of well being and relaxation. Exfoliants come in 3 colors: Royal Purple: For vitality and energyOrange: For cellulite or a fresh and sensual skinWhite: to feel deeply cleansed. Hammam Ritual 55 mins 300 Dhs. A full body cleanses with Moroccan soap, invigorating scrub and deep cleansing Oriental Rasul mask, all rounded off with luxuriously oriental body milk for exceptionally soft skin, scented with the subtle aroma of Rose and sandal. And the best part of all? It also takes place in our very own Moroccan Steam filled room reminiscent of the 1001 Arabian Nights?. New! Royal Hamam 85 mins 500 Dhs A luxurious approach of Hamam Ritual, the Moroccan soap & Patchouli Body Scrub is an efficient ritual of purification. While Verbena Rassoul mask wraps you with richness & softness, just like a ?Royal Queen? a relaxing scalp massage will put you in sleeping mood. And finally, the application of Oriental Body Cream gently massaged into your body. As a result: incredible softness and skin looks brighter as ever. All of this takes place in our very own Moroccan steam room. Signature Body Treatments Organic Apricot Body Experience 85 mins 500 Dhs. Starting with sugar scrub to remove the unwanted dead skin cells, the body is wrapped in an apricot rich mask, while the unique quality of apricot oil rich in Vitamins A and E with healing properties will instantly calm, hydrate and nourish . The added bonus of the wonderful sweet Apricot aroma will indulge your senses making this treatment summer sensation. New! Oriental Gardens Cocoon 85 min 500 Dhs An exceptional treat where your body is gently exfoliated with precious Patchouli body scrub followed by a warm & soothing full body massage of 100% natural Shea butter. While being enveloped a deeply relaxing scalp massage will bring you to this endless journey. Your skin is incredibly soft, smooth & nourished while the sparkling jelly sublimates the skin leaving it divinely perfumed & spangled effect. Organic Berry Chocolate Body Scrub & Wrap 55 Mins 400 Dhs. Indulge yourself in a world of berries & chocolates without extra calories! This luxurious firming body treatment is for that very special lady. Your body is softly exfoliated with cranberries and pomegranate followed by the delicious chocolate truffle body wrap and topped off with the invigorating naseberry body lotion absolutely treating the skin with the finer things of life. Pure Pampering? Body Massage Organic Colour Therapy Massage 55 mins 345 Dhs. We have a natural and instinctive relationship with colour in our lives. The colours we choose for our home and clothes are those we seek to match our feelings and energies. Our bodies have a natural instinctive wisdom that we consult in every day to make us feel good by playing with colour. Choose one from 14 colour massages and experience joy, energy, relaxation and much more.(Small square with colors?) Royal Purple: Restore harmony, stamina, strength, vital energy and overall feeling of well-being.Red: Get warm & invigorated by the energy of Red. Orange: Find your centre of balance with the harmony of Orange.Gold: Find yourself in the majesty of Gold Yellow: Realise the joy in you with Yellow light.Green: Breathe in and unwind with relaxing Green.Emerald: Surrender yourself to the joy of Emerald?s radiance.Turquoise: Let Turquoise?s waves of serenity wash over you.Pink: Embrace the energy of Pink and learn to like yourself more.Blue: Call on the energy of Blue to make your voice heard.Indigo: Sharpen your intuition with the energy of Indigo.Purple: Renews ties with your past and find peace in Purple.White: Let the purity of White wash over your body and mind.Silver: Counter any type of shock with the emergency support of Silver Pregnancy Massage 55 mins 345 Dhs This specialized pregnancy treatment, administrated with loving care by our qualified therapists, can help balance your emotions, relieve feelings of discomfort and enhance your whole experience as a mother to be. Oils specially chosen for use during pregnancy will keep the skin soft and help diminish those unwanted stretch marks. Thai Massage 85 mins 300 Dhs It is the absence of oil and the addition of pajamas that distinguishes Thai massage from all other massage therapies. The Thai Style massage uses both palm and thumb to manipulate the pressure points of the body by following the meridians (energy channels). Thai massage works on 12 main lines of energy to break the blockades and stimulate free flow of energy. New! Oriental Massage 55 Mins 345 Dhs Experience massage of the tradition using warmed aromatic oil, relaxing and healing ?Khemossa? pouch containing three kinds of mints from Morocco to melt away knotted tissue. This massage will help to increase circulation, provide relief of muscle tension & endorse relaxation. Balancing Hotstone Treatment 85 mins 500 Dhs. The application of hands in conjunction with stones produces intensified contact with the unique energies and directing the vital flow to areas of blockage, releasing, balancing and restoring harmony. The powerful energies of the stones massage are known to promote: Toxin removal accelerates lymph drainage, increase metabolism by 10-15%, production of elastin & collage, calms down the nervous system, increase the flow and rate of blood circulation and induce a feeling of well-being and harmony. The Quick Fix Ritual 30 mins 200 Dhs. In the privacy of your very own relaxing area overlooking the Arabian Gulf, our Therapist will deliver 30 minutes of pure relaxation and de-stress rituals. Follow the welcoming floral aroma foot bath with exfoliation, enhanced by a deeply soothing head, neck and scalp massage using specially combined therapeutic oils to simply ease away the stresses of the day?. Signature Package Dalouk Spa offers you the ultimate pampering day package. Treat yourself together with your friends or relatives to melt away any stresses of life. Essence of Youth Indulge your senses as your skin is polished and prepared with a detoxifying scrub. Layers of hydrating and exotically fragranced serum, oil and enriching body butter are applied to the skin and you are then enveloped feeling deeply relaxed. Whilst cocooned your face is taken care of with an intensely nourishing and conditioning facial which will leave your skin looking radiant. This is the perfect choice for Bridal or any other Special Occasions! You will feel totally de-stressed and glowing from the inside out. Essence of Youth Package 800 Dhs. Consultation & Welcome drinkThalassotherapy Underwater MassageTotal Bliss: Body Scrub, Massage, Wrap & Facial treatmentHerbal tea in relaxation area Slimming Contouring ProgrammeAnti Cellulite Treatments Endermology is an effective technique for controlling & reshaping cellulite. Performed with state of the art equipment, this technique manipulates the skin's connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the elimination of metabolic waste. The result? A slimmer, more contoured body and smoother, firmer skin. Please consult Dalouk Therapists for your Personalized Slimming & Contouring Program. Thalassotherapy Pool 60 mins 200 Dhs Originating from the Greek for ?See ?and ?Cure ?. It refers to all treatments using the products of the sea, which since ancient times have been renowned for their curative powers and health benefits. Our thalassotherapy pool allows the spa to treat ailments ranging fromPoor blood & lymph circulation, rheumatism, muscle pains and obesity to joint articulation problems and chronic fatigue. Thalassotherapy Pool is free of charge if you book any spa treatment.Additional Services ? Just for You Bridal Services Create your own bridal package that custom designed to suit your very own needs and budget. Consult your Dalouk Spa Specialist to tailor made the treatments for you & Get 15% discount for the package above AED 3000?. Looking for a perfect gift? Don?t you know what to get your friend for her bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party? Dalouk offers a wide selection of gift vouchers and wonderful exclusive products with free wrapping. Just ask any of Dalouk staff and we will be more than happy to help you pick a memorable present. We are here to serve you best.A place where the soothing sounds of lapping waters harmonise with the aromas of fine therapy oils to deliver an exotic experience with 5-star luxury.

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